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Most developers oversell you a website. We offer you only what you need and will actually use. We can build you a website within a week while customizing it to your needs. Show your customers what you do with a great well developed website. Showcase all your services as well as accolades. Get on Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN & many more with one purchase. Is your practice online? If not, we can get you there fast and easy.

Medical websites tend to showcase much more information. Details are important to your clients and we understand that. We will author and develop your site along with all the pages necessary to accomplish what you need. Give us a call and we can start the consultation and get you a customized template that will save you thousands.

With every purchase

We don't leave you hanging after you've made your purchase. As part of your purchase we will place you on MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Google. Looking to get your site in yahoo, Google Maps or top ten on the top listed search engines? We do that as well. Give us a call for a 5 minute consultation and we will send you a customized template for your business with no obligation to buy.

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Did you know Wix will charge you a hosting fee of $45.00 or more per month? You could be paying $540 - $1500.00 per year and you do the work yourself! We give you the first year of hosting for free and then it's only $12.00 per month. We do the work and it's done in 1 week. If you don't like it then you owe nothing, that simple.

Call Now 1(516) 698-8000