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Managed Email Services That Work.

What e-mail provider will work for you? If you like your current email provider it does not have to change. If you are using one of the major providers you may keep using them and send email using your domain.

If you are a business with 4 or more employees that actively use email, calendaring, shared contacts etc... you will benefit from using professional services. An evaluation should be done and your needs measured. Give us a call to get started.

Already have a Gmail, Outlook or AOL account?


Gmail and many other email providers provide great web based email solutions for small business. Did you know you could send email from your domain using gmail or other web based email solutions?

  • Keep your current platform
  • Low cost professional e-mail management
  • Same day Support & Services
  • Integrate professional email without interuption
  • No need for re-training!

Email is an important part of any business or operation. Collaboration and the ability to collaborate at lightning fast speeds is what keep businesses running. We can perform an evaluation and offer a custom plan that will set your office for easy email and collaboration.

We work with all E-mail providers and can create a customized plan that will offer the least disrution to your business. Give us a call.

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Email Provider Options
  • Microsoft Exchange Online - Includes backup, management and deployment. Share email, calendaring & more. Provides scaleability as well as functionality. Easy collaboration and quick responses. Can be integrated with your domain\website even if hosting is done on a different carrier.
  • Google Workspace - Provides the same as Exchange online services, offers reliability & security. G-suite can be integrated with your current email and like Exchange Services Online can work with your domain or website without disruption or change of carrier.
  • Domain Email - Email that is provided by your web host. Some hosts provide a set number of free emails. Emails can cost an aditional 1-3$ per month and usually do not come with features that professional email providers offer. Works directly with your webhost.
  • Free Email - Free e-mail is another option countless business owners utilize. It is not recommended your business run using a free email service. Domain emails can be directly tied to free emails and vice-versa. This will increase your professional exposure accross the internet while having you work in a hybrid workspace. The provider is not responsible for lost data or outages.